The Care Certificate



Can I complete the Care Certificate standards on paper rather than online?

Yes. Please send an email to with the subject “Care Certificate – Paper Booklet Request” and one of our team will send the PDF version of the Care Certificate knowledge aspect tasks to you. Once you have completed this, hand it to your manager for record keeping and they will then complete the Care Certificate Competence Record.

I have worked in health and social care for a long time but do not have a level 2 qualification. Do I still need to do the Care Certificate?

Yes. The only exception will be if you have previously completed the Care Certificate. In any case, you will need to apply to complete a level 2 diploma in Health & Social Care with our team of assessors. You and your manager can do this by filling in this application form and sending it to

I have a qualification that I think is equivalent to a level 2 in Health & Social Care. Can I get this checked?

Yes. Please send a copy of your qualification to with the subject “Qualification check – level 2 equivalent”. One of our team will get back to you with a response as to whether we can accept your qualification instead of a level 2 in Health & Social Care.


My new employee doesn’t have a level 2 NVQ, apprenticeship or diploma in Health & Social Care, but they have already completed the Care Certificate before starting work with Creative Support. Do they need to complete the Care Certificate again as part of their new starter training?

No. If your employee has already completed the Care Certificate, they will not need to do it again. However, they should be signed up to complete a level 2 diploma with our team of assessors. You should discuss this with them and complete this application form and send it to

A member of my team has completed the 15 Care Certificate standards on the Bridge E-Learning website. What now?

As their manager, you will need to complete the Competence Record for your team member. Once done, keep this on file at your service and send the relevant page (labelled within the document) to From here, one of the Learning & Development Team’s administrators will send the Care Certificate to the employee.

Where can I get a blank copy of the Assessment Record to fill in with one of my new starters?

Click here to download a blank copy of the Competence Record.