The Care Certificate

Paper Based Version

Find below links to the Care Certificate Workbooks. You can download the PDF document and save it on your computer in order to be able to complete the tasks, as you can type and save your work. Otherwise, you can print off the document and complete the tasks by writing directly onto the document.

Managers will need to assess the paper-based workbooks by following this Care Certificate Assessment Record. Please send the first page of the completed Assessment Record to the Training Team on completion so we can issue the certificate.

Standard 1. Understand your role 
Standard 2. Your personal development
Standard 3. Duty of care
Standard 4. Equality and diversity
Standard 5. Working in a person-centered way
Standard 6. Communication
Standard 7. Privacy and dignity
Standard 8. Fluids and nutrition
Standard 9. Mental health, dementia and learning disabilities
Standard 10. Safeguarding adults
Standard 11. Safeguarding children
Standard 12. Basic life support
Standard 13. Health and safety
Standard 14. Handling information
Standard 15. Infection, prevention and control