Creative Academy

by Creative Support

Training programmes for staff in Health and Social Care

We hold several nationally recognised standards of excellence and have created a positive learning culture within our organisation. As a result, we have an excellent track record in developing our people through to high-level academic achievement.

Training Calendars

Creative Support has a central training office for each of the main areas where we have services


Learning at work

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Training that suits your company

We offer training programmes to external social care professionals who want to gain knowledge and develop new skills to succeed in their careers.

Training feedback

"Really powerful, useful and uplifting training. I got so much out of it. I left feeling confident and positive - couldn't recommend it enough."
"I left the classroom feeling more confident in my ability to contain anxiety and distress on behalf of others, pre-emptively spot the signs and symptoms and to function well in the context of a mental health crisis or emergency."